Appiano and surroundings is considered the riches area in castles of South Tyrol. Already in ancient times people were attracted by this region.

More than 180 castles, mansions and residences surround the municipality of Appiano, conveying a special atmosphere to this region and taking you on a time travel. For your orientation, there is a castle map, showing you where the historical buildings are located, as well as giving detailed information on the back page.

This map is available at the tourist office of Appiano at the Piazza Municipio in S. Michele. For further information on the historical buildings, also see the following articles.

  1. Firmiano Castle

    One part of the world’s largest mountain museum concepts can be visited at Castel…  read article

  2. Corba Castle

    Visible from afar and located in graceful altitudes, the tower of Castel Corba…  read article

  3. Boymont Castle

    Castel Boymont rises above the village of Missiano and can easily be reached on foot.  read article

  4. Palù Castle

    Castel Palù is located in Appiano Monte, hosts a museum and is an aristocratic building.  read article

  5. Appiano Castle

    Castel d’Appiano was constructed between 1125 and 1130 by Ulrich II and used to be…  read article

  6. Freudenstein Castle

    On a gentle hill above S. Michele, there is the mighty castle of Castel Freudenstein.  read article

  7. Prielhof

    The Prielhof is located in Appiano Monte, a small but mighty village above S. Michele.  read article

  8. S. Valentino Castle

    S. Valentino Castle, also konwn as S. Valentino residence, is located in idyllic…  read article