Leisure & activities

Appiano offers plenty of possibilities for relaxing holidays. Swimming, hiking and cycling are only some of the sports and activities you can choose from.

The alternation of tension and recreation should keep your life in balance, but it is not always easy to keep this equilibrium in everyday life. In your holidays, however, you consciously plan your activities and the way you spend your day.

As far as sports under the open sky is concerned, Appiano provides a wide range of possibilities you can choose from. Scenic landscapes such as the forests of Monticolo attract people and invite to spend some time in the great outdoors. The nearby lakes, surrounded by forests, are ideal for spending a day at the lakeside or in the waters. The sports area of Ronco, its surroundings and the narrow, contorted alleys above S. Paolo, S. Michele or Cornaiano are perfect places for discovery walks, also can you enjoy sports such as tennis or football.
Appiano and active holidays make a good match.

  1. Mountains & hiking

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  2. Mountainbiking & cycling

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  3. Climbing & mountaineering

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  4. Sport offers

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  5. Motorbikes

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  6. Golf

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  7. Winter sports

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  8. Food & drinks

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  9. Wellness

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  10. Kids & family

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  11. Markets, fairs and shopping

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  12. Pubs and entertainment

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  13. Dogs and pets

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  14. Swimming in the lakes of Monticolo

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