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The market municipality of Appiano offers many attractions, both regarding nature and culture.

Under the category “sights“ you can find above all information on natural phenomenons or viewpoints. Space is also dedicated to agriculture, which is of utmost importance in Appiano. What also is not missed out are the localities and taverns in order to guarantee your entertainment.
In the section “tradition & culture“ you can read more about buildings and places that are worth to be visited. Museums and survived stories give some indication of the history of the municipality. As the tradition has also got an important role to play in Appiano, we are also presenting some particular customs and personalities that are known beyond borders.

  1. Natur & Landschaft 2011  

    Nature has got an important role to play in Appiano. Terraces, hills, water and cultural landscapes provide the…  more

  2. Burgen & Schlösser 2011  

    Appiano and surroundings is considered the riches area in castles of South Tyrol. Already in ancient times people…  more

  3. Sehenswürdigkeiten 2011  

    Appiano offers a large number of special places and attractions that absolutely have to be visited to take a…  more

  4. Museen & Ausstellungen 2011  

    Different museums, galleries and famous exhibitions are worth a visit in the municipality of Appiano or in S. Paolo.  more

  5. Brauchtum & Kultur 2011  

    Customs and culture in Appiano have always been and are still of utmost importance to the inhabitants of South Tyrol.  more

  6. Wein 2011  

    One of the main features of Appiano is that it boasts the largest connected vine-growing area of South Tyrol.  more

  7. Eppans Geschichte 2011  

    Appiano is a place that is steeped in history, not only for its rich variety in castles.  more

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