Appiano Castle

Castel d’Appiano was constructed between 1125 and 1130 by Ulrich II and used to be the most mighty castle of South Tyrol.

High above Missiano, on a steep rock spur, there is the mighty castle of Castel d’Appiano. This building dates back to the time of knights, used to be a widely known place and was considered the castle of Ulrich II of Appiano. Castel d’Appiano was of course a much more secure residence in confront to the one of S. Paolo. Where his original residence was located is no longer known today.

Castel d’Appiano is one of the castles that you come across when you walk the famous „Walk of the three castles“ (Dreiburgenwanderung). The entire structure takes you on a journey back in the time of the Middle Ages and is not only interesting for kids.
Particularly worth noticing is the unique donjon, located underneath the castle complex. Inside the castle complex, there is a castle tavern, making your visit to the castle even more pleasant.

In 1158 the castle was destroyed by a besiegement, later it was reconstructed. In 1315 the counts of Tyrol came to own the castle complex. Since 1911 it is, however, in the hands of the counts of Enzenberg. Between 1964 and 1967 it was overhauled and consolidated by the Provincial Antiquities and Monuments Office.

An element that can be seen from afar is the castle chapel. In the interior of the chapel, there are famous wall paintings, well-preserved Romanesque frescoes with typical motifs of the traditions of the surroundings. Among the paintings, there is a woman eating dumplings, which is a rare motif that again and again attracts the visitors’ attention.

On the occasion of the feast day of Maria Assunta in July, there is a day of the open doors in the chapel. This is when you can take part in guided tours across the castle chapel, in which you might get to know more about less known facts about the castle.

Please note:
At the moment the entire castle complex is not open to public viewing! (As of March 2016)

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