Mountainbiking & cycling

The Oltradige is a paradise for those who love cycling.

A network of pleasant cycling routes and trails are spread throughout Appiano and neighbouring villages, such as Monticolo, as well as the Mendola mountain ridge, surrounded by a unique cultural and natural landscape.

  1. Cycle track from S. Michele/Appiano to Bolzano

    Cycling down the Val d’Adige and to the city of Bolzano. The way back requires a…
  2. Cycle track from Appiano to Caldaro

    Also the neighbouring municipality can be reached on the cycling route, which is…
  3. Cycle track from Appiano to Lake Caldaro

    The beautiful Lake Caldaro is only a cycling tour away from Appiano.
  4. Cycling to Lake Monticolo

    From S. Michele you can also cycle to the little and large lake of Monticolo. This…
  5. Mountain biking on the Alta Via d’Appiano

    This circular tour takes along the steep slopes of the Mendola on forested trails…
  6. Mountain biking across the forest of Monticolo

    Cycling across the rough terrain from the large lake of Monticolo to Frangarto.
  7. Tour across the villages of Appiano

    The tour from S. Michele to S. Paolo, Missiano, Riva di Sotto via Frangarto and…
  8. Cycling to Gaido

    The little villages of Predonico and Gaido are located at 800 m and 900 m asl and…
  9. Cycling to Merano and surroundings

    Cycling from Riva di Sotto to Lana across the villages of the Valle dell’Adige.
  10. Further cycling tours

    There are many possibilities for cycling in the surroundings of Appiano. Discover…
  11. Useful information for cyclists in Appiano

    We gathered addresses of bike-menders, bicycle shops and bike parks in the…

Cycling Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Sigmundskron: Cycling weeks

    Cycling weeks

    Cycling weeks

    Appiano - Frangarto
    from 04/07/17 to 11/05/17
    7 nights from 347 € per person

Suggested accommodations

  1. Seehotel Sparer

    Seehotel Sparer

  2. Regalterhof


  3. Hotel Ansitz Tschindlhof

    Hotel Ansitz Tschindlhof

  4. Quellenhof


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