Appiano videos

The holiday area of Appiano presented in clips, including vivid impressions as well as useful tips for your holidays - let them inspire you!

  1. Autumn in South Tyrol  

    The trees and bushes turn golden, the mature grapes are harvested, the highest peaks are already snow-covered, a…  more

  2. Toerggelen in South Tyrol - part 1  

    The Toerggele season is approaching: at the Ebnicherhof farm, the sweet chestnuts are picked up, sorted and carved.  more

  3. Toerggelen in South Tyrol - part 2  

    Back to the Ebnicherhof farm in Soprabolzano: the host is preparing the traditional dishes for a Toerggele…  more

  4. Spring in South Tyrol  

    The spring in South Tyrol is an experience for every sense. Warm sunrays melt the snow and everything is in…  more

  5. Summer in South Tyrol  

    The roughness of the Dolomites and the sweetness of the green meadows, plenty of chances to relax and to be…  more

  6. Appiano  

    The surroundings of Appiano is one of the richest areas in castles on European scale. Embedded among fruit…  more

  7. Aerial view of Freudenstein Castle above Appiano  

    This view from above offers a breathtaking picture of a varied cultural and natural landscape: golfers among…  more

  8. Castel Boymont in Appiano as seen from above  

    The ruin of Castel Boymont, one of the castles you come across in the “Three Castles Hike” in Appiano, as…  more

  9. The parish church of S. Paolo, Appiano  

    “The dome in the countryside”, parish church of the historical wine village S. Paolo, as never seen before.  more

  10. Flying above the Monticolo lakes  


  11. Messner Mountain Museum Firmian  

    His worldwide experiences are decisive for Reinhold Messner’s museum concept: his five Messner Mountain…  more

  12. Castel d’Appiano  

    Castel d’Appiano, constructed in the period of 1135 - 1130 by Ulrich II, rises in Missiano, a village that…  more

  13. Fischerhof distillery in Cornaiano  

    Martin Mauracher is a master distiller, with heart and soul. A visit to his farm in Cornaiano provides an insight…  more

  14. Family walk to the Ice Holes of Appiano  

    Where to go with bag and baggage in hot summer months? To the Ice Holes in Appiano! We accompany a family to this…  more

  15. South Tyrol  

    South Tyrol, located on the sunny side of the Alps, is a real draw, not at least due to its natural and cultural…  more

  16. South Tyrolean Wine Route  

    The South Tyrolean Wine Route stretches from Nalles to Bolzano and the Oltradige, via the Bassa Atesina to…  more

  17. Sunrise on Appiano  

    The sun rising on Appiano from behind the Latemar, on a clear winter morning.  more

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