Museums & exhibitions

Different museums, galleries and famous exhibitions are worth a visit in the municipality of Appiano or in S. Paolo.

Mediaeval arts of living, Christmas cribs of every kind, the culture of painting and alpinism are the main topics on which the focus is set in the museums in municipality of Appiano. Moreover it offers the possibility to reach the single spots in the frame of a short walk or a promenade.

If you would like to get to know more about the Romanesque Villa in S. Paolo, we invite you to read the respective article in the category “sights”.

  1. MMM Firmian

    At Castel Firmiano, there is the Messner Mountain Museum (MMM) Firmiano, a museum…  read article

  2. Castel Moos-Schulthaus Museum

    Appiano Monte is the seat for the picturesque attraction of Castel Moos-Schulthaus,…  read article

  3. Museum of Wine

    As it is the only official Wine Museum of South Tyrol, we dedicate an article in…  read article

  4. Lanserhaus gallery

    In the heart of San Michele, there is a residence hosting cultural events. The…  read article

  5. Townhall gallery

    In the centre of the village, next to the Tourist Office Eppan/Appiano, there is a…  read article

  6. Christmas cribs of S. Paolo

    A particular exhibition of S. Paolo is worth to be highlighted in this section.  read article

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