Appiano offers a large number of special places and attractions that absolutely have to be visited to take a closer look at.

Already in the Middle Ages, people started appreciating the beauty of the area of Appiano and surroundings. People had residences and castles built in the most beautiful spots of land. Some of them are still habitable today. However, also churches have an important role to play in the municipality. In the centres, but also in places that are today ideal for regaining one’s strength, they built sacred buildings, providing refuge.

  1. Churches

    Some of the most charming buildings of Appiano and surroundings are churches, most…  read article

  2. Mendola cableway

    The Mendola cableway is an attraction in the Oltradige region. Its lower terminus…  read article

  3. Passo Mendola

    The Mendola is a popular summer resort for inhabitants of the Oltradige and it also…  read article

  4. Roman villa of S. Paolo

    In 2005, excavation works for the construction of a new building brought to light…  read article

  5. The campana of S. Paolo

    Instead of worth seeing, the church bell of S. Paolo is at any rate worth hearing.  read article

  6. Jewels of South Tyrol

    There are numerous places and spots of land in the surroundings of Appiano that…  read article

  7. Classic car exhibition Garage61

    Since 2011 Appiano offers a place for lovers of vintage cars, where you can even…  read article

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