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Our editorial team has gathered a series of recommendations regarding excursions and hikes in Appiano and surroundings for your stay.

Hiking and walking in Appiano and in the forest of Monticolo are particularly recommendable in spring and autumn. When it is getting hot in summer, preferably choose higher located mountains, such as the local mountain of Appiano, that is to say the Mendola mountain, a freshening destination in the green.

  1. Three Castles Walk

    This walks takes you past three of the most important castles of Appiano, that is…
  2. From Ponte d’Adige to Colterenzio

    Walking from the Kaiserberg to the Marklhof and further on across the famous…
  3. From Passo Mendola to Monte Penegal

    A pleasant hike from the Mendola to the Penegal mountain that is also suitable for…
  4. Walk to the Gleif chapel

    Promenade along the via crucis to the viewpoint at the Monte Calvario.
  5. Alta Via d’Appiano

    Hike of medium difficulty on the slopes of the Mendola with a view to the Dolomites.
  6. Hiking from the Monticolo lakes to the Wilder Mann Buehel

    Autumn hike across the forest of Monticolo to the famous viewpoint at the Monte di…
  7. Valle della Primavera in Monticolo

    The Valle della Privamera, literally translated the Spring Valley, stretches from…
  8. Walking from Gaido to S. Apollonia

    A little walk across the forests above Andriano to the church of Sirmiano di Sopra.
  9. Fixed rope route to the Roen

    From the Rif. Oltradige we reach the 2,116 m high peak of the Monte Roen via a…
  10. On the Oltradige hiking trail to Caldaro

    A pleasant and family-friendly promenade to the neighbouring village on the Wine Route.
  11. From Gasthof Steinegger to the Ice Holes

    Hiking to a remarkable natural phenomenon at the foot of the Ganda mountain.
  12. From Maso Ronco to the lakes of Monticolo

    Easy promenade across the forest of Monticolo and round the two beautiful lakes.
  13. Further hiking tours

    In the surroundings of Appiano, there are many more possibilities for hiking tours.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Steinegger

    Hotel Steinegger

  2. Seehotel Sparer

    Seehotel Sparer

  3. Quellenhof


  4. Hotel Ansitz Tschindlhof

    Hotel Ansitz Tschindlhof

  5. Regalterhof


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