Bergsteigen & Klettern 2011

Climbing & mountaineering

Experience climbing in Appiano in the climbing gyms as well as under the open sky.

The landscape of the Oltradige provides perfect conditions for those who love climbing. The mountains that surround the Oltradige area offer fixed-rope routes of every level of difficulty. From Magré for example you can scale the Monte Favogna, while from the Rifugio Oltradige there is a route taking to the summit of the Roen.

Mountaineering is also possible at the Regglberg, where the Corno Bianco and Corno Nero can be scaled.

  1. Kletterhalle in Eppan 2011  

    In the village of S. Michele, close the the ice hall, there is an indoor climbing gym.  more

  2. Klettergarten in Montiggl 2011  

    Those who love sports climbing on the rock can scale the routes in the climbing garden of Monticolo.  more

  3. Klettern in der Umgebung 2011  

    The surroundings of Appiano, so to speak the Bassa Atesina and Oltradige, provide a series of possibilities for…  more

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