The king of spring is going to conquer your stomach when you are on holidays in Appiano.

The asparagus has always been very popular, and short after his detection it was not only extremely rare, but also particularly expensive. The origins of the asparagus can be found in the medical field, as it has a diuretic impact on the body. Moreover the asparagus contains vitamin C, B1, B2, A and E as well as phosphor, potassium and calcium.

Also in Appiano and surroundings, the popular asparagus is served. The “king of spring” is harvested especially in Terlano, Settequerce and Vilpiano between March and the end of May. For a country like South Tyrol it is quite obvious that culinary asparagus weeks are organised every year. During these weeks, delicious and newly invented asparagus plates are prepared. Enjoy the delicate flavour of asparagus with the so called “Bozner Sauce”… you will love it!

Our recommendation: a glass of exquisite wine that perfectly suits asparagus dishes is the Sauvignon of Terlano.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Schloss Hotel Korb

    Schloss Hotel Korb

  2. Fischerhof-Mauracher


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