Tradition and culture

Customs and culture in Appiano have always been and are still of utmost importance to the inhabitants of South Tyrol.

Numerous associations are trying hard to preserve certain traditions. For this reason in the course of the year there are processions, festivals of historic origins and parades. These cultural and traditional festivities are also casting a spell over the guests of this region, as in this way you can experience culture at first hand. Lasting impressions, ready to be taken home.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the Oltradige region!

  1. The architectural style in Oltradige

    The architectural style in Oltradige

    The architectural style in Oltradige, an area south-west of Bolzano, is influenced…
  2. Sacred Heart Fires

    Sacred Heart Fires

    The “Herz-Jesu-Feuer” (Sacred Heart Fires) every year affects the young and the old.
  3. Advent in Appiano

    Advent in Appiano

    The Advent in Appiano is characterized by lights, handicrafts, romance and enjoyment.
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