Theme hotels

  1. Wine Hotels

    Wine Hotels

    Wine lovers have come to the right spot. Appiano is one of the well-experienced…
  2. Spa Hotels

    Spa Hotels

    You have made it! Your spa holidays in Eppan is luxury time for yourself!
  3. Lakeside Hotels

    Lakeside Hotels

    The fantastic Lakes of Monticolo at Appiano… one of the most famous places in the…
  4. Castle Hotels

    Castle Hotels

    The “aristocratic” way of holidays in Appiano: this is where you can enjoy staying…
  5. Family Hotels

    Family Hotels

    Family hotels in Appiano offer all the prerequisites for relaxing holidays,…
  6. Cycling Hotels

    Cycling Hotels

    Discover the nature and the villages along the South Tyrolean Wine Route. Easier…
  7. Hiking Hotels

    Hiking Hotels

    Those travelling to the sunny south near to Appiano can look forward to a special…
  8. Dog Friendly Hotels

    Dog Friendly Hotels

    You love your four-legged friend so much and you do not want to leave your pet at…
  9. Motorbike Hotels

    Motorbike Hotels

    Appiano is located along the road to the Passo del Mendola, this is where you have…