The last grape load

The end of the harvest is cause for a celebration. This is what people in Cornaiano do.

At least once in a lifetime, almost every citizen of Appiano lends a helping hand in harvesting grapes, as agriculture and especially vine-growing has a more than important role to play in the municipality. As the end of the harvest season brings in its wake also relief, it is of course cause for a huge celebration.

For this reason, the last grape load is celebrated like a ritual. On an ancient carriage, a load of grapes is carried to the centre of the village, where it is pressed and distributed to the audience. In mid October, when this event usually takes place, it is also the period of chestnuts. For this reason the air on this autumn afternoon is suffused by the sweet flavour of roasted chestnuts. Come and taste!

To make a long story short, this is one of the rituals you absolutely have to see if you are interested in customs and tradition in Appiano.

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