Nature and wine educational trail

If you seek further information on grapevines, walk the wine educational trail of Cornaiano.

In the so-called “Gschleier-Eck” in Cornaiano, in 2007 a nature and educational trail has been established. This trail provides information about different cultivation methods and varieties of grapes. The millennial wine tradition is reported in 15 languages, the information is available on a series of panels. Of course also the methods of vineyard cultivation are explained in a simplified manner.

The wine and nature trail “Hoher Weg-Gschleier” was established thanks to the inhabitants’ consent and the cooperation of the regional authorities. Under the direction of the committee “Appiano Event Wine World Cornaiano” and in further cooperation with the Laimburg, the professional school for agriculture, and a large number of volunteers, this project has been put in practice.

The wine educational trail is part of a project aimed at upgrading the village in terms of culture, tourism and economy.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Gfillhof


  2. Quellenhof


  3. Camping Montiggl

    Camping Montiggl

  4. Weinhof Kager

    Weinhof Kager

  5. Fischerhof-Mauracher


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