Church of the Archangel Michael

This little church used to be the main church of the village of S. Michele.

Still today the imposing steeple (1520) has its original function, as the parish church itself has no real tower. Interesting is the distance between the church and the church steeple. It bears a very famous bell called “Löfflerglocke”, dating back to 1573.

The building was constructed on a former sacred building dating back to the times of the Middle Ages, the Romanesque impact is still perceivable. However, the church was completed in later epoch by further construction elements such as the stellar rib vault and a polygonal choir, typical for the Gothic period. In 1610 a rood loft was added, that is to say that in the course of time the original furnishing vanished and was replaced by another. The pulpit dates back to the Renaissance, the carved altar was established in 1904 in neo-Gothic style. In 1992 the stations of the cross of an artist coming from Val Venosta were integrated. Moreover, in the course of restorations, parts of Gothic frescoes were laid open, illustrating S. Leonardo and Sigismondo.

Until 1921 S. Michele depended on the parish of S. Paolo. Im 1810 the services for the municipality were transferred to the Capuchin church in immediate vicinity. From 1866 to the beginning of the 20th century, the church was a kind of lumber room and morgue chapel, later on it was used as assembly room and for teaching. Today it is a particularly beautiful morgue chapel.

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