Swimming in the lakes of Monticolo

Water rats can look forward to a stay in the village of Monticolo.

Appiano and surroundings is well-endued with waters, lakes and swimming pools. In Monticolo for example, there is a hiking area, which also boasts two lakes for bathing. This beauty spots of land are situated in the heart of a forest and represent real gems. Like two emeralds the large and little Lake of Monticolo cover a beautiful site. However, there are not only lakes, but also swimming pools for those who prefer this kind of refreshment. The pool at the lido by the way offers the longest water slide of South Tyrol. Outside the lido, the lake is freely accessible.

In the immediate surroundings, there is also the sun-drenched Lake Caldaro. The public baths at the west end of the lake are, however, subject to charge. By hook or by crook, a visit at one of the lakes must be part of your stay in Appiano.

Suggested accommodations

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