On the Oltradige hiking trail to Caldaro

A pleasant and family-friendly promenade to the neighbouring village on the Wine Route.

This hiking trail has been established along the former railway line of the Oltradige train and is therefore also called “Promenade alter Bahndamm”. The 4 km long course is plain, asphalted and can be done without any difficulty. In S. Michele we walk past the S. Anna church and follow the signpost number 22. We traverse the bypass and walk above the Lavasontal valley, across a landscape of forest and vineyards. The view ranges from the forest of Monticolo to the Dolomites, the Corno Bianco and Nero. On various places, benches and games for kids were established. Also, but not only for this reason, the Oltradige hiking trail (Überetscher Spazierweg) is ideal for the whole family.

As the trail corresponds with the cycling track Appiano-Caldaro, also cyclists use this trail. Unfortunately not all the cyclists have regards for the pedestrians. However, due to the fact that the trail is rather wide, normally both can exert their activity. After a little more than half an hour, we can reach the tavern “Christl im Loch“, ideal for a freshening drink. Then we walk on to Caldaro, located at the altitude of the Via Cantine. At the end of the road, there is a locomotive, remembering the period in which the Oltradige train was in operation between Bolzano and Caldaro.

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Please note: If you would like to do this walk, inform yourselves about the current hiking conditions on the spot.

Starting point: S. Michele (centre)

Trail: S. Michele - Crocevia - Christl im Loch - Caldaro Via Cantine

Signpost: 22

Length of the trail: about 4 km

Walking time: about 1 hour (each direction)

Altitude difference: 25 m

Altitude: about 400 m asl

Excursion: May 2010
Family-friendly? Absolutely, also for prams. Be cautious, cyclists on the trails.
Further information: for further information don’t hesitate to ask your host

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