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Food in South Tyrol

Traditional food is of utmost importance in South Tyrol.

South Tyrol, that is to say also Appiano, has got particular traditions regarding eating. In some families, especially with older people, these traditions are often still adhered to. In recent times people used to eat five times a day, considering that all family members performed manual labour the whole day round.

In the morning people used to eat flour soup and a piece of hard bread. Today coffee, tea and bread have replaced the soups. In several locations, you can get abundant brunches. By the way: the day already began at 5 or 6 in the morning. Potatoes, the typical “Schuettelbrot” (crispbread), cheese, bacon and homemade bread were served at about 9 or 9.30 am, probably with a glass of light local wine.

Lunch time! At noon there was lunch, often a full bowl of delicious bacon dumplings. But how to cook dumplings? Dumplings are made of hard white bread, milk, eggs, onions, melted butter, parsley and chive as well as bacon, cheese or sausage. There are several types of dumplings, some are for example made of buckwheat flour. Dumplings are served with salad, goulash or soup. There is also a sweet version of dumplings, for example plum or apricot dumplings. These kinds of dumplings are often served as delicious desert.

In the afternoon people used to have a “snack” between 4 and 5 pm which often included sausage and cheese. And for dinner? Gruel! A mash of milk, water and flour, doused with melted butter. There was one big pan for all the family! Also barely broth was a popular dinner. Another typical local dish are the so called “Krapfen”, crullers filled with spinach or curd cheese - a real delicacy in South Tyrol! Bon appétit!

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