Sacred Heart Fires

The “Herz-Jesu-Feuer” (Sacred Heart Fires) every year affects the young and the old.

Always on Sunday, two weeks after the feast day of Corpus Christi, this special evening finally comes. Because during this night plenty of fires are lit on the mountains and can be seen from everywhere. Crosses, hearts and other religious signs appear on the slopes. An evening stroll becomes a very particular summery experience this day.

The Sacred Heart Fires date back to the time, when the Tyroleans fought for their freedom at the end of the 19th century under their leader Andreas Hofer. Back then, they defeated the forces of Napoleon three times on the Berg Isel mountain near Innsbruck. In appreciation of that they promised to light fires on the mountains in honor of the heart of Jesus every year. And still today this is happening. This pledge quasi was a renewal, because already in 1796 this oath was made when the French forces constituted a threat to the Tyroleans.

Today the weeks before the big event are very busy, everything is prepared for the special night. Especially the young enjoy this unusual event! Don’t miss it!

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