Roman villa of S. Paolo

In 2005, excavation works for the construction of a new building brought to light the remnants of a Roman villa.

Accidentally in S. Paolo remnants of a Roman construction have been excavated. Further researches showed that the excavations were remnants of a villa.

Up to the year 2010 already 27 rooms in total could have been exposed. What is really worth seeing is a floor mosaic which is nearly complete extant.

Apparently the construction dates back to the 4th century. In this period of time, as a reaction to the sensitive situation in the Roman Empire, many beautiful villas were built. The so-called “possessors”, the few large landowners, used to give expression to their power in this way. Above all the forecourt, in which subjects seeking shelter were welcomed, were lavishly equipped.

A public access to the discovery place is designated and is, however, being developed. We are going to keep you up to date!

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