S. Michele parish church

It is dedicated to Maria Assunta and has once been the church of the Capuchin monks of Appiano.

Due to the fact that once upon a time it used to be a monastery church, the parish church of S. Michele has no real steeple, but a so-called wooden ridge turret. The church was consecrated in 1642.

In those days, S. Michele depended on the parish of S. Paolo and wished for a better pastor care. Since 1810 the holy masses for the parish have been held in this church, as the original church dedicated to S. Michele was not large enough. One or two years after, the parish purchased the church and changed it into the parish house.

The modern part of the church is of the 70s. Its interior is arranged differently than it is common in South Tyrolm as its organ is located behind the altar. A striking and colourful glass window by the artist Georg Müller from Heidelberg, adorns the sacred building.

The ancient pictures were re-installed in the church a few years ago. The Pietà was removed from the Gleif/Calvario church. The monument of the fallen rises in front of the church and was realised by the artist Othmar Winkler from Brunico.

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