S. Croce Gleif chapel

Above S. Michele, on the hilltop of the Calvario mountain, there is a little church with two lovely turrets.

The Gleif church dates back to the period around 1716, that is to say to the 18th century, and is a real eye-catcher in the landscape. From this place you can also enjoy a fabulous view on Appiano and surroundings.

Also the two turrets attract the attention of the observer. To make the construction complete, there are two cupolas, putting emphasis on the ensemble.

The Gleif/Calvario church is dedicated to the Painful Mother of God and represents the grave station of the Passion of Christ, that is illustrated again and again on the way up from S. Michele. The figurines have only been completed in the 19th century.

In the interior of the church of the Renaissance period, a groin vault and several stucco decorations are perceivable. The walk from the centre of S. Michele to the church is easy and ideal for promenading.

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