S. Giuseppe church

The S. Giuseppe church is located in S. Michele and is also known as Dominican church.

The church of S. Giuseppe was constructed as last church in the village. A total of six churches can be found in the village.

Once upon a time a Palazzo, owned by the Dr. Josef von Ferrari, was connected to the church. In 1881 the Dominicans of Graz purchased the beautiful building in the village. Between 1883 and 1886 the sacred building was constructed basing on the concept of the architect Anton Geppert (Innsbruck). The sacred building consists of three naves, is constructed in neo-Romance style and boasts a round-arched apsis as well as high round-arched windows. The steeple at the façade is solidly built. The altars were constructed according to the ideas of the diocesan architect padre Johann M. Reiter. The sculptures at the rosary altar and the high altar are pieces of art by Johann von Grissemann and Alois Winkler.

Towards the road, a chapel was constructed and was adorned by a mosaic at the façade. Today at this place, there is the church of S. Dominicus, once it used to be a monogram of S. Giuseppe.

The monks of Graz also used this monastery as their summer residence, but only for 50 years. Fascism forced the monks to transfer their domicile to the Lombardic Dominican province. At the end of the 20th century the monastery was shut down. Today the former reverend building hosts the music school of the Oltradige region, while the S. Giuseppe church was taken over by the parish.

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