Lakes of Monticolo

The lakes of Monticolo are natural phenomenons without equal. Let’s take a closer look at the two emeralds in the forest.

Beside a welcome refreshment, the two Monticolo lakes represent an enrichment for the recreation area of the Monticolo forest. Hiking trails stretch past these lakes and of course round about, little beaches and rocks are available for sun-bathers and water rats. Also two small wetland areas, called “Purzelmoos” and “Langmoos”, belong to the lakes. The origins of the lakes date back to the Ice Age, not only for this reason the entire area is under natural protection.

By the way, the two Monticolo lakes have been classed among the cleanest lakes of Italy by the associations Lega Ambiente and Touring Club Italia in 2009. This classification also takes into consideration the quality of accommodation, the historic centre of the village, gastronomy, the landscape of the surroundings and the offers for visitors.

  1. Large lake of Monticolo

    Large lake of Monticolo

    At the large lake of Monticolo, there is the lido with its sand beach and swimming pools.
  2. Little lake of Monticolo

    Little lake of Monticolo

    The little lake of Monticolo offers a calm and tranquility as well as a idyllic…

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