S. Valentino Castle

S. Valentino Castle, also konwn as S. Valentino residence, is located in idyllic position at the edge of the forest.

S. Valentino is one of the (less known) castles where you pass when you walk the Three Castles’ Walk. The residence has emerged out of a residential tower dating back to the Middle Ages around 1600 by the Lords Herren von Fuchs, while a lower part with loggia has been assed in the south. In the north, there used to be the farm buildings.

After an elaborate period of reconstruction in the 20th century, the castle offers holidays apartments in a particular ambience.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Camping Montiggl

    Camping Montiggl

  2. Weinhof Kager

    Weinhof Kager

  3. Hotel Castle Englar

    Hotel Castle Englar

  4. Hotel Ansitz Tschindlhof

    Hotel Ansitz Tschindlhof

  5. Schloss Hotel Korb

    Schloss Hotel Korb

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