Kreuzweghof (Pillhof)

On the road to Bolzano, above the large crossroads of Bolzano – Frangarto – San Michele, the beautiful Pillhof residence is located which even houses a popular wine store and restaurant.

In 1610 the Residence Pillhof was first mentioned as the property of the von Arz family. The house was built in the 16th century and extended in the 17th century. It was a pleasant house in a perfectly central and yet quiet location.

The Barons of Völs were also owner of the Pillhof. The inscription “1878 Johann Klotz” on the front door tells of another family who lived here and expanded the house again. Since 1993 the Oberrauch family has been taking care for the house.

The Pillhof was built in the late Middle Ages. The sundial on the south side is striking because it is decorated with biblical scenes. On the southwest corner, an oriel can be seen. The vaulted entrance hall and a brick staircase are further typical architectural features of the time of origin of the Pillhof.

On the parapet we can see two coats of arms painted in recessed fields: that of the Lords of Arz (on the right) and that of Christof von Arz zu Wasegg, who was elevated to the rank of Count in 1648. A fresco from 1564 and remains of a fresco can also be seen on the wall in the corridor.

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