Away from the hustle and bustle, below Gaido and high above a gorge, Castelforte castle is located.

Nothing is known about the year the castle was built and about its first owner. Castelforte is first mentioned in writing in 1220.

Castelforte is located on a steep porphyry rock of the gorge of Gaido. Built like a tower, the castle is clearly visible from afar. The back side of the palas is formed by the rock face. The castle complex consists of an inner ward, a porch with a stone-framed arched round door and slits and a drawbridge. Very good safety devices at the entrance and an elevated gate testify the function of the fortress. The square roof on the tower was added during the last restoration.

Around 1500, a fire destroyed the building but it was rebuilt later. From 1503 the Üblhör family from Swabia owned Castelforte. In the middle of the 17th century, Franz Lanser took over the castle and managed it for a long time. Around 1910, a German “Councillor of Commerce” bought the castle and restored it.

Castelforte can be reached from Andriano as well as from Predonico and Gaido. A hike via Castel Corba or Boymont up to the complex is definitely recommended.

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