Aichberg Castle

Oltradige architectural style in a beautiful environment. Aichberg Castle is located along the road to Appiano Monte.

At San Michele a road leads up to the district of Appiano Monte. On the way there, look out for the magnificent landscape, but also for a castle on the left. Aichberg Castle is located here.

In 1570 Nikolaus Leys married the eldest daughter of David Lanser, who was the owner of the building at that time. The house was given its present name a long time later.

The foundation of the lordly building was laid around 1600 by the Leys family. But the castle got its name from the Aichner family, who came from Cortina all’Adige and lived in the house at some point.

In 1776, Leopold Adam von Wenser and in 1860 Johann Klotz acquired the beautiful castle. In 1870 Josef von Zastrow owned Aichberg Castle and rebuilt it to its present form. Later the property was passed on to the Counts of Khuen-Belasi. Still today the county is living there and also offers guests the possibility to live in the house.

The Oltradige architectural style characterises the wonderful building, which was renovated in 2001, gorgeous round arched windows, terazzo floors, rectangular windows with stone frames, large halls and many other fascinating details can be admired.
Above the entrance there is a fresco by Peter Fellin and the chapel houses historical paintings.

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