S. Michele

S. Michele is the main place of the market village of Appiano.

If people speak about Appiano, most probably they mean S. Michele, as it is the centre comprising the town-hall, the schools and the cultural centre of the municipality, comprising also the Lanserhaus. S. Michele is also the main village of the market village and has the largest number of inhabitants. Also does the locality comprise a large number of little hamlets called Ganda di Sotto, Pigenò, Maderneto, Appiano Monte and Crocevia, each of which preserves its own village life.

The long Wednesdays in July and August are also staged in S. Michele, as it comprises great shopping opportunities, lovely alleys and arcades. Every Tuesday from April to November, on the square in front of the parish church, there is a market that makes you hunt for bargains and also provides fresh products from the farmer’s garden.

S. Michele: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Christof: Swimming fun during summer

    Swimming fun during summer

    Swimming fun during summer

    Appiano - San Michele
    from 08/10/19 to 09/01/19
    7 nights from 802 € per person

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