Walk to the Gleif chapel

Promenade along the via crucis to the viewpoint at the Monte Calvario.

From S. Michele, a via crucis stretches up the Calvario mountain to a little church with double tower. Starting point is the S. Anna chapel in the village, from where we proceed across Piazza Hans-Weber-Tyrol, passing the ice stadium. By walking up the stairs we reach the start of the ascend. The trail stretches across the broad-leaf forest via a serpentine trail, until we reach an area that is characterised by lush vineyards. This is where you can also enjoy a great view on the area of S. Paolo, up to Cornaiano and the forest of Monticolo.

Proceeding a little further, the Monte Calvario is scaled. From above you can also observe S. Michele from a bird’s eye perspective, parts of the village can, however, not be seen due to the dense forest. Behind the church, you can by the way take a closer look at the glacial fluting with peculiar patterns, which is considered to have been the armchair of the devil.

Starting point: S. Michele (centre)
Signposts: 8B (1st part), Gleif
Walking time: about 30 minutes (each direction)
Altitude: at about 500 m
Altitude difference: about 140 metres
Length of the trail: about 1.5 km (each direction)
Family-friendly? Yes. Also possible with pram, but in part rather steep.
Further information: for further information don’t hesitate to ask your host

Suggested accommodations

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  5. Tschindlhof


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