Long Wednesdays

Every week in summer, Appiano has one special highlight to offer for bargain hunters.

The long Wednesdays have got a very good record. The evening of this weekday is by many people dedicated to a chat with friends in the village and to a pleasant chill-out. In S. Michele the shops are open until 10 pm in the months of July and August.

But that’s far from being all. People do not only come for shopping, but also thanks to the rich evening programme including culinary delights, musical performances, a programme for kids and some more ideas that make your Wednesday evening a really pleasant one. This is also reflected by the atmosphere, that often resembles a village fair. Of course also the mild temperatures of summer evenings in S. Paolo contribute to the success of the Long Wednesdays in S. Paolo.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Haus Spitaler

    Haus Spitaler

  2. Castle Englar

    Castle Englar

  3. Pension Alexandres
    Guest house

    Pension Alexandres

  4. Hotel Angerburg

    Hotel Angerburg

  5. Tschindlhof


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