Appiano climbing gym

In the village of S. Michele, close the the ice hall, there is an indoor climbing gym.

If you love climbing, you can exercise in the climbing gym of Appiano, open to the public in spring, autumn and winter. Visitors under 18 have to be accompanied by a full-aged person or staff of the climbing gym. Climbing is at your own risk, please stick to the rules in order to guarantee your and your colleagues’ safety. These are the details:

Location: in the centre of S. Michele on the west side of the gym (Raiffeisenhalle) and the bowling hall. Access via the bar “Kegelbar”.

Technical details: the climbing gym was completed in 1997 and comprises a surface of about 70 sqm. The climbing wall is 8.5 m high and offers 30 pre-defined climbing routes (4 fix top ropes) with a total of 1,300 climbing holds. The entire facility is about 200 sqm. The climing gym has been reopened in August 2013 with new routes and boulders.

Opening hours: monday - friday, from 6 pm until 10.30 pm.

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