S. Paolo Wine Culture Weeks

A highlight among the events focusing on wine takes place in S. Paolo every summer.

S. Paolo in July and August… For about two weeks, there is a diversified event that focuses on wine. Discussions, tastings, guided tours, music, theme nights and cabaret are only some of the most interesting points on the agenda. A champagne breakfast with music takes place in the frame of this festival on Sunday morning, while in the evening you are invited to listen to the great organ concert in the “dome“ of S. Paolo. What do you think about some hours of talking with experts on the finest wines and desserts?

However, the undisputed highlight in the course of the week is the so-called “Gastliche Tafel“, which is an extraordinarily long dining table in the alleys of S. Paolo. On this evening the starred chef Herbert Hintner and often his famous colleagues, serve their most delicious creations of the haute cuisine.

Usually several weeks before the event takes place, the looong dining table is fully booked.

Wine Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Schloss Korb: 3 nights Castel Vinum

    3 nights Castel Vinum

    3 nights Castel Vinum

    Appiano - Missiano
    from 04/07/17 to 11/05/17
    3 nights from 411 € per person

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