Some of the most charming buildings of Appiano and surroundings are churches, most of which date back to a long time ago.

Undoubtedly they belong to the South Tyrolean cultural assets. The churches of Appiano are particularly important and closely related to tradition and customs of the inhabitants of Appiano. Important feasts are still celebrated according to religion. Associations such as music bands and choirs, Schuetzen or fire brigades arrange these celebrations and provide them a structure. Also processions are particular happenings for the people living in the village.

  1. Dome in the Countryside

    The huge parish church of the village of San Paolo is also called the “Dome in the…  read article

  2. S. Justina church

    Walking trails across Appiano Monte to S. Paolo takes you past this charming church.  read article

  3. S. Giuseppe church

    The S. Giuseppe church is located in S. Michele and is also known as Dominican church.  read article

  4. Church of the Archangel Michael

    This little church used to be the main church of the village of S. Michele.  read article

  5. S. Michele parish church

    It is dedicated to Maria Assunta and has once been the church of the Capuchin monks…  read article

  6. S. Croce Gleif chapel

    Above S. Michele, on the hilltop of the Calvario mountain, there is a little church…  read article

  7. Madonna del Riposo church

    Slightly out of the village of S. Michele, there is a lovely Romanesque church,…  read article

  8. Cornaiano parish church

    The parish church of Cornaiano has a central role to play in the life of the…  read article

  9. Chapel of the Auxiliary Saints

    In Gaido, the highest located village belonging to Appiano, there is a little…  read article

  10. Abbey church Mariengarten

    The Cisterian nuns are responsible for the monastery church, the abbey and the…  read article

  11. S. Nicolò church

    This little church is located at the roadsite in Riva di Sotto, on the road to…  read article

  12. Epiphany church

    The only church in the Oltradige region that is dedicated to the Three Kings is…  read article

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