The market municipality of Appiano is considered to be the land of castles and stands out due to the largest connected vine-growing area of South Tyrol.

Appiano is located in the charming area of the Oltradige near Bolzano. It comprises nine villages, stretching from 200 to 1,800 m asl. These villages and hamlets are called San Michele, Cornaiano, San Paolo, Missiano, Fragarto, Monticolo, Riva di Sotto, Predonico and Gaido. However, Appiano is most often used to name the chief village, S. Michele. About 14,000 inhabitants live in the municipality.

  1. S. Michele

    S. Michele is the main place of the market village of Appiano.  read article

  2. S. Paolo

    The historic village of S. Paolo is above all famous for the Wine Culture Weeks.  read article

  3. Cornaiano

    Cornaiano is considered the most sunny spot of land of the municipality of Appiano.  read article

  4. Frangarto

    The village of Frangarto is located at the edge of Appiano and borders on the city…  read article

  5. Monticolo

    Not only due to the lakes, Monticolo is a really interesting spot of land.  read article

  6. Missiano

    The three eye-catchers of Missiano are Castel d’Appiano, Castel Boymont and Castel Corba.  read article

  7. Riva di Sotto

    Riva di Sotto is located between S. Paolo and Andriano in the flat Val d’Adige.  read article

  8. Predonico

    Predonico is so to speak one of the mountain villages that belong to Appiano.  read article

  9. Gaido

    Gaido is a small but mighty place above Predonico, situated at the highest point of…  read article